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  • We'll also put out interviews with other fun and fascinating magicians.
  • We will teach you fun and simple tricks that you can do at home or the office or wherever.
  • You can have full access to rehearsals warts and all, highs and lows, joys and frustrations, possibly including some of the magic secrets, as we learn one new performance magic trick per month
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Abracababble 81: A Fine Misunderstanding.

Matt and RJ have a huge misunderstanding over text. We answer more fantastic listener mail.

15 Sep 2021
FUBTS 4.9: To Kick Or Not To Kick.


Liberty Larsen, Jorge Blass, Paul Gertner, Sergio Starman, Penn & Teller's Inflatables.

11 Sep 2021
Special Podcast: Penn's interview Amazing Jonathan from 2015.

On the last Abracababble, we spoke a lot about the Penn Sunday School interview with Amazing Jonathan from 2015. Now Penn's archive belongs to his own patreon backers, so this is a little gift from Penn to y'all. This post is temporary. So download and listen to it this week, please. Thanks and enjoy!

08 Sep 2021
Abracababble 80: Pre Fire Side Chat.

NOTE: This show was recorded before our show at South Lake Tahoe was cancelled because of the Caldor Fire. 

BUT- we had some great discussions on creating the show and we answer listener mail questions including a deep dive on comedy in magic.

03 Sep 2021
FUBTS 4.8 Egg Shells Across A High Wire.

Reddi, RJ and Matt go behind the scenes and talk about the magic of Episode 8 of Season 4 of Fool Us.

Dennis Watkins, Jeff McBride, Kevin Li, Steven Marshall.

Penn & Teller performs Tube to Bunny with Matt's neighbor.


28 Aug 2021
Abracababble 79: Catching Up w/ Carisa Hendrix.

Coming out of Canadian Quarantine and hitting the road. Carisa reveals the ordeal it took to perform her first show in the US in over 500 days, the future of her zoom shows, and visiting David Copperfield's secret museum.

22 Aug 2021
Abracababble 78: What Goes Up...

Matt was riding pretty high last episode. Then a few things happened to him. So RJ forces Matt to take stock in a real way. 

Note: This was recorded with Matt on the road. His road mic was cooperating and so you'll hear him from his laptop mic.

16 Aug 2021
Abracababble 77: Executive Producer Ben Pisses Off RJ.

So this episode was recorded last week. I was hesitant to publish because though I think it's a good one, I talk frankly about a next move for me and I am embarrassing honest about it. It also involves a story about Teller and we all know how private he is and I don't want to betray that. So please keep this amongst us patreon backers, please. I trust we can do that. We begin though with RJ feeling insulted. :-)

11 Aug 2021
FUBTS 4.7 You Too, Can Do Magic.
  • Riccardo Berdini, mentalist, Italian
  • Yan Markson, mentalist/magician, Russian-Canadian
  • Ondřej Pšenička, close-up magician, Czech
  • Glenn Morphew, close-up/card magician, American
  • Penn & Teller predict a password.


03 Aug 2021
Abracababble 76: On Dice and Tech Fails.

Reddi Rich and Matt tackle listener questions and more!

31 Jul 2021
FUBTS 4.6 Matt's 1st Fool Us Trophy??

RJ is out sick, Reddi and Matt Tackle Season 4 Episode 6 of Fool Us.

Dan Sperry, JPP, Naathan Phan, Richard Forget, Penn & Teller with Piff The Magic Dragon!


28 Jul 2021
FUBTS 4.5 Alyson's First Fool Us Trophy!


Dyno Staats, Aiden Sinclair, Axel Adler, David Parr

Penn & Teller give the finger to The Magic Circle.

24 Jul 2021
Abracababble 75: El Mind Noodler Owns A Trick

We tackle more topics submitted to us by you the listeners. Thanks! Also, a spanish trick designer sells an exclusive trick to The Mind Noodler.

21 Jul 2021
FUBTS 4.4 With A Name Like Jafo

Fool Us wiki:

  • Matt Johnson, escape artist, Canadian
  • Siegfried Tieber, close-up/card magician, Ecuadorian
  • Jafo (Jason Fields), close-up/coin magician, American
  • Jessica Jane Peterson, illusionist, American

P&T perform The Most Extravagant Card Trick

Youtube clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVOjc-qk1I4

Reminder that the video vault may or may not have fully streamable/downloadable version of Fool Us episodes for people not in the U.S. 

09 Jul 2021
Abracababble 74: Why So Many Card Tricks?

Fool Us wraps, more Vegas shows reopen, and we answer listener mail about cards tricks vs other tricks.

05 Jul 2021
FUBTS 4.3 Matt's Most Coveted Fool Us Trick


Penn & Teller cover the Great Tomsoni and Company.

22 Jun 2021
Abracababble 73: Checking in Mid Utah

Matt calls in from Utah with Reddi and RJ to discuss his latest run and adjustments in the magic show.

17 Jun 2021
FUBTS 4.2 Cheese, Chicken & Chicanery
  • Jonathan Burns
  • Jo De Rijck, 
  • David Caserta
  • Jimmy Ichihana
  • Penn & Teller have a slumber party
09 Jun 2021
FUBTS 4.1 How Old's That Pizza?

We begin behind the scenes for Season 4!


  • Richard Turner
  • Young & Strange
  • Kayla Drescher
  • Mike Super
  • Penn & Teller teach you a card force and a trick you can do with them.

03 Jun 2021
Abracababble 72: The Chicken Trick Returns?

Vegas is opening up, Cirque is returning, RJ does live outdoor show. Matt talks about what tricks he can and can't do.

28 May 2021
FUBTS 7.28 I'm An Egg Smashing Daddy In The USA.

Finally, closing out this season with behind the scenes Season 7 episode 28 (TWENTY EIGHT!?!)

  • Penn & Teller Tattoo
  • Siegfried Tieber
  • Rick Wilcox
  • Will Auerbach
  • Penn & Teller again with Fresh Stats!
23 May 2021
Exclusive Interview Preview: Mario The (Maker) Magician.

So, on my other podcast (Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social), my co host Paul Mattingly invited Mario The Maker Magician on air because of his enthusiasm for toy and robot making. His videos of a cardboard robot who performs magic tricks have gone viral and his background in magic ended up featuring heavily in our chat. So it goes great here.

This interview ended being fantastic for Abracababble. It won't be available to the public until Thursday morning when ICS ep 793 but I thought it would be fun to give it exclusively to you all first. So please keep it under wraps until the ICS episode drops.

If you don't know who Mario the Magician is, do a quick search or go MarioTheMagician.com or you can even find his recent videos with Piff.

18 May 2021
FUBTS 3.13 P&T Time Travelers.
  • Anthony Asimov
  • Angela Funovitz
  • Ivan Amodei
  • Vince Charming
  • Penn & Teller try to fool themselves

Note: Cannot find online link for this episode. Anyone who can help can post below.

15 May 2021
Abracababble 71: First Live Show In 443 Days!

Matt uses an improvised road rig to record an Abracababble with Steve Branham in Folsom, CA. Steve is the booker for all locations of Mystique Dining and hosts all magicians performing in Folsom. They discuss new tricks in the Mind Noodler set, the unique performance environment of Mystique, and Matt talks briefly about working on the Penn & Teller show.

08 May 2021
FUBTS 3.12 Torn and Restored Tonight Show Monologue

Hi Babblers,

We recorded this a while back, but while trying to keep pace with the latest season it stayed unpublished.

Now, I am heading to Folsom, CA, RJ is starting up Cirque Du Soliel rehearsals this week, and Reddi Rich had to go to the hospital this week. (He's recovered and feeling good, now). So we were not able to record this week. So we will finish up Season 3 this week and I'll be posting some post show videos this week.

Now onto Season 3 Episode 12 of Fool Us Behind The Scenes.

04 May 2021
FUBTS 7.27 Balloons And Back Flips.
  • Moritz Mueller
  • Michael Feldman
  • Magical Bones
  • Seth Raphael
  • Penn & Teller plug their new revamped completely free kick ass app.

individually, you might have luck with the individual clips here:


27 Apr 2021
Abracababble 70: Post Zoom, Pre P&T.

Matt has a reckoning with RJ after he messed up his zoom performance. Matt also breaks down the upcoming Penn & Teller Las Vegas relaunch.

20 Apr 2021
FUBTS 7.26 Is This Your Car?

Hey all, THIS is the recording where RJ was out sick. Reddi and Matt take on Season 7 Episode 26.

Ryan & Johnny Hyashi, Nathaniel Seigal, Jandro, Bill Goodwin, P&T

Teller's doll house.

16 Apr 2021
FUBTS 7.25 The Coronel Simon Back Step Shuffle


  • Simon Coronel
  • John Morton
  • Alberto Giorgi
  • Makoto Halverson
  • Penn & TaroT

There was no available youtube link at this time. There has been another big crackdown on Youtube with Fool Us clips. This too shall pass.

11 Apr 2021
FUBTS 7.24 Don't Over Soak Your Donuts.
  • Mac King
  • David Shareef
  • Alejandro Navas
  • Vitaly Beckman
  • P&T perform "Teapot"

Apologies for the lack of link, there was another crack down on Fool Us links on Youtube. I suggest the CW site and for foreign listeners, a VPN  and the CW app!

06 Apr 2021
Abracababble 69: Matt gets an A+ note.

Matt, RJ, and Reddi address Matt's recent A+ note from a listener. RJ announces his next online magic show with Matt as a guest.

01 Apr 2021
FUBTS 7.23 Josephine Career Killer

Tyler Twombly, Josephine Lee, Lionel, Aaron Hickok

Penn & Teller do a trick for Marilu Henner


31 Mar 2021
Abracababble 68: After "An Evening Of Magic".

Reddi joins Matt and RJ as they discuss performing their first public and technically flawed zoom show. They also give excellent answers for a listener email who's a beginner that wants to get into coin magic. 

25 Mar 2021
FUBTS 3.11 Teller Makes a Sandwich

Behind the scenes of Season 3 Episode 11



Christopher Tracy and Jim Leech, Neil Croswell, Ben Young, Henok, Penn & Teller animal traps.

19 Mar 2021
FUBTS 7.22 Imprisoned For A Creepy Tongue

Fool Us Behind The Scenes Season 7 Episode 22


Sanjeev Vinodh, Doc Dixon, David Merlin/Psycho Jack, Jorg Alexander, Penn & Teller perform a new routine with tree.

15 Mar 2021
Abracababble 67: The Puzzle Cube Mea Culpa

Matt, RJ, and Reddi go deep on magic shop shop talk. Before that, Matt and RJ discuss their upcoming online magic show this Saturday (with VIP ticket give away) AND Matt issues an apology past his past blasphemous statements against puzzle cube magic.

11 Mar 2021
Abracababble 66: Harrison Greenbaum and Criss Angel's Big Sale

We talk to the hilarious Harrison Greenbaum to discuss magic camp, Criss Angel's sale, and zoom show hijinx. Choo choo motherf#ckers.

07 Mar 2021
FUBTS 7.21 Fish Breath Fooler

Fool Us season 7 episode 21


Abby Segal, Neol Qualter, Christoph Kuch, Ray Lum

Penn & Teller's Triumphant friend's Tom Sadowski and Amanda Seyfried.

Note: Matt misremembers how Penn and Amanda met. Amanda purchased a cameo video from Penn and that's how she got asked to do the show.

04 Mar 2021
FUBTS 7.20 Niagara Foolers


Greg Frewin, Dyna Staats, Matt Marcy, Guilherme Silveira, Penn & Teller and Houdini

28 Feb 2021
Abracababble 65: Contact Juggling, Pop Hayden, and more In and Of Itself.

We answer some listener mail and have a good old fashioned magic nerd out.

25 Feb 2021
FUBTS 3.10 It's a Kodac Moment


To Tea Or Not To Tea 01:51​ - 

Timon, Kyle Marlett, The Evasons, Chef Anton,  Penn & Teller's TSA routine.

19 Feb 2021
FUBTS 7.19 Locked Inside My Heart Shaped Box


Dania Diaz, Greg Gleason, Cameron Braxton, Florian Sainvet

Penn & Teller Plate Spinning

12 Feb 2021
FUBTS 3.9 Where is The Tiger King-Esque Dance Documentary?
09 Feb 2021
FUBTS 7.18 A Goddamn Sticker.


Jeki Yoo, Matthew Pomoroy/Natasha Lamb, Peter Wood, Lewis Starnes

P&T Perform science experiments.

05 Feb 2021
Abracababble 64: In And Of Itself- Thoughts and Takeaways

Matt, RJ and Reddi react to Derek DelGaudio's In and Of Itself on Hulu. If you haven't seen the show yet- DO NOT LISTEN to this episode.

03 Feb 2021
FUBTS 3.8 <3 Oh Zabrecky... <3
  • Matthew Laslo, illusionist, American
  • Rob Zabrecky, mentalist, American
  • David Garrard, illusionist, American
  • Wayne Hoffman, mentalist, American
  • Penn & Teller perform Wood Chipper.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT0CyWMPsaI

Also, this week, You will get the latest from season 7 AND a proper Abracababble reaction to In and Of Itself. Both with come out this week. 

Thanks a ton for being a backer!


01 Feb 2021
FUBTS 7.17 Another Balloon Fooler!

Show link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPpefQU4EMQ

Chris Capehart, Yan Yan Ma, Topas, Jason and Stacy Alan

Penn & Teller perform "Magic For Each Other" (with sponge balls)

28 Jan 2021
Abracababble 63: Noah Sonie Interview!

Matt and RJ interview Fool Us Season 7 break out star, Noah Sonie. The 24 year old discusses finding magic growing up in Minneapolis, the difficulties of finding a thumb tip as a person of color, and whether or not his trick actually fooled Penn & Teller.

25 Jan 2021
FUBTS 7.16 Dutch Sword Play

Behind the scenes of Season 7 episode 16 Fool Us.


Jonathan Burns, Eric Chien, Jeremiah Zuo, Sabine Van Dieman


20 Jan 2021
FUBTS 3.7 A Secretly Foolrific Show
18 Jan 2021
FUBTS 7.15 Book Test Vs. Word Force

Behind the scenes of Season 7 Episode 15 (Winters season's 1st episode) :


Noah Sonie, Malin Nilsson, Peter Samelson, Michael Karl Penn & Teller: Chosen Card to Fruit.

13 Jan 2021

Our take on 7.15 (Winter Season Premiere) comes out tomorrow. For now, Here is Season 3 Episode 6:


Elliot Zimet, Paul Gertner, Matthew DiSero, Rokas Bernatonis, 

Penn & Teller's torn and restored snake.

12 Jan 2021
Abracababble 62: A Few Performer Nightmares

We answer some listener mail and tell some performance horror stories. Plus, RJ has an intimate and interesting announcement.

04 Jan 2021
FUBTS 3.5 Wall of Weird Blades

Happy New Year All!

Here is a link to episode 5 of season 3 of Fool Us:


Alex Ramon, Greg Frewin, Vinny Grosso, Arthur Trace and Penn pours a bucket of rats on Teller's head.

01 Jan 2021
FUBTS 3.4 Stranger Than a Rio Washing Machine.


Show clip:


David and Leeman, Jabreezy, Rick Maisel, Felix Bodden. Penn eats fire!

27 Dec 2020
FUBTS 3.3 Teller's First of Many Curve Balls

Show Link:


Robert Ramirez, Dominik, Joel Ward, Madhi Gilbert and Penn & Teller's last performance of Lift Off To Love!

22 Dec 2020
FUBTS 3.2: Alyson's Walk of Shame

Matt, RJ, and Reddi take a look at performances by Bret Loudermilk, Dan Harlan, Ryan Joyce, and Kyle Eschen. Then Penn & Teller perform a trick with Alyson and Jessie Eisenberg.



17 Dec 2020
Abracababble 61: "Can You Make My Wife Disappear"?

Matt, RJ and a sick on the floor Reddi Rich discuss Matt's latest zoom show, worst gigs, and other magic nerd topics like top change angles.

15 Dec 2020
Abracababble 60: Colin Cloud Interview

Charming, high energy, passionate and hilarious- comedy mentalist, Colin Cloud gives us a fantastic interview. 

10 Dec 2020
Abracababble 59: Shows Open for 6 Weeks, Then Vegas Closes Again.

A proper Abracababble where Matt, RJ, and Reddi deal with the current performance conditions of Las Vegas, the morals or quick change acts vs. comedy, and answer listener mail.

07 Dec 2020

Fool Us season 3 episode 1- Behind The Scenes.

Shawn Farquar, Michael Kent, Nathan Burton, Nathan Coe Marsh, Penn & Teller's Love Ritual


Thanks a ton for being a patreon backer!

04 Dec 2020
FUBTS 7.14 Man Cry Time!

Matt, RJ and Reddi take a look at the Series 7 finale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5VvaTOkjSA 

Ali Cook returns, Tony Clark, Till Haunschild, Tony Montana. Penn And Teller perform with a Property Borther.

25 Nov 2020
Abracababble 58: Interview w/ Wes Barker (Meaculpa!)

Boy were we hard on Wes Barker and his appearance on Fool Us Season 2. He outclassed us by coming on for an interview, setting the record straight, breaking down his path in magic and being a overall fantastic guest. Enjoy this episode!

21 Nov 2020
Abracababble 57: Interview w/ Magical Katrina

First, we clear up everything I got wrong about her bio, talk about coming up in the San Francisco arts scene, and of course her Fool Us appearance.

14 Nov 2020
FUBTS 7.13 Typical Saws and Chains

Matt, RJ and Reddi Rich give takes on performances by Blaise Serra, Leon Etienne, Xavier Mortimer, Sylvain Juzan. Penn performs Correlation Sticks.

Link to show:


NOTE FOR NEW PATREON BACKERS: Add this podcast to your preferred podcast app:  It's been a while since we posted this instructions. Step 1) Look at this patreon page on a destop or laptop (not the app). If you are logged in, you should see an RSS feed address on the front page. Step 2) on you podcast app, there should be an "add url" option as an alternative to "add podcast" or "search podcast". When in doubt, google "add url" with the podcast app you have and see instructions. Step 3) paste the podcast RSS feed web address into the "add url" option on your app and you should be all set.

11 Nov 2020
Abracababble 56: Garrett Thomas AND Mike Close.

A very special Abracababble. This is a publicly posted podcast and it is sharable. Internet trolls have lied about Garrett Thomas' Fool Us appearance. Here to set the record straight about every aspect is both Garrett and Fool Us judge, Mike Close.

09 Nov 2020
FUBTS 7.12: There Is No Garrett Thomas Controversy.

Here is a link to Season 7, Episode 12: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GZikDrOqsA

Matt, RJ and Reddi discuss performances by Anna Ferris Simpson, Pierre Ulric, Garret Thomas, Francis Menotti. Penn & Teller perform an updated Cuffed To A Creep.

03 Nov 2020
FUBTS 7.11 Lego My 2 of Diamonds

Matt, RJ and Reddi take a look at performances by Jandro, David Parr, Magical Katrina, Daniel Roy, and Penn & Teller's Ball Pit Troll.


31 Oct 2020
Abracababble 55: Remember The Amazing Randi

There would be no Penn & Teller if it were not for The Amazing Randi. He passed away this week at 92. My good friend, Justin Robert Young (who's appeared on previous episodes of Abracababble) worked for the James Randi Educational Foundation. JREF, a pro science skeptic organization, was made more famous for its $1million Challenge. I sat down with Justin for a little reflection about his time in the orbit of The Amazing Randi.

We reference a couple of other podcasts on this episode and here they are linked below:

James Randi podcast from 2007


Justin Robert Young finding out Randi had passed moments before his own recent podcast recording: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/night-attack-happy-hour-10-21-2020/id804072410?i=1000495890187

Recording two FUBTS behind the scenes podcasts this upcoming week. Thanks!

25 Oct 2020
Abracababble 54: Season 7's Vincenzo Ravina

I'm halfway thru the Bubble season of Fool Us. I recorded this last week with Abracabble listerner, Fool Us contestant, and strereotypically nice Canadian- Vincenzo Ravina! Enjoy his insights on magic and his Fool Us experience. 

If you don't check your patreon emails but do read episode breakdowns in your podcast app, I have been posting daily update videos on the patreon site. Check those out if your curious about our production bubble.

18 Oct 2020
FUBTS 7.10 Wherefore Art Thou Jonio?

Quick note on Boris Wild: I was afraid on-air to say Adam Cheyer invented Boris Wild's Penn Voice because I was only 90 percent sure it was him. The 10 percent was thinking it might have been someone else and I only think it was Adam because he invented Siri and he's a listener of this show so that was clouding my brain. That 10 percent notion was dumb since it was 100% Adam Cheyer.

Now here is the line up: Boris Wild, Ramo and Alegria, Jonio, Dr. Ricardo Rosenkrantz,  Penn & Teller perform "Cowboy"


11 Oct 2020
Abracababble 53: Season 1 Fooler Benjamin Earl Interview

Thanks to a listener, Henri, who connected RJ and I with UK magician, magic teacher and season 1 fooler Benjamin Earl. See his performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL0MUZ52_Ic

07 Oct 2020
Abracababble 52: To Zoom Or Not Too Zoom.

An old school, proper Abracababble. 6 months into the pandemic, RJ checks in with us 110 pounds lighter than our last regular Abracababble. Then Reddi, Matt, and RJ discuss the pros, cons and learnings of zoom magic shows. Barry writes in with a question about the origin of Fool Us as a tv show and why is started in the UK.

30 Sep 2020
Abracababble 51: John Lovick (Handsome Jack) Interview

Refresh your memory from season 2:


John Lovick is a prolific magic author, a successful fooler, and great behind the scenes magic guy. Thrilled to have him on for an interview.

25 Sep 2020
FUBTS 1.9 Our Last Season 1 Pod (?)

Performer we review with links below

Lee Hathaway, Jack Tapperill , Laura London with P&T Water Tank:


Richard Bellars


Note: This is the Bellars appearance on the episode version of Fool Us and not his first appearance on the UK special to launch the show. If anyone can find that trick, Reddi does cover it in this episode.

Also, I believe we might be finishing with Season 1. We had a hard time covering the UK and USA versions of the shows with the clips also disappearing from Youtube. So if there are performers we missed AND you can find the links for us to watch, we will do a 10th episode. 

Thanks all!


20 Sep 2020
Abracababble 50: Caleb Wiles Interview

Hello patrons!

This is an interview with 2 time Fool Us competitor and card trick inventor and multiple book publisher, Caleb Wiles. AND He's a listener of this podcast. He gives great insight on two very different Fool Us experiences as well as his unique background in magic.

In other Patreon news for this week 1) I have a fun announcement for people who've inquired about Mind Noodler poster art and merchandise. 2) For $10 tiers (and up) I think I have a fun idea for the unique community we've built of magician and non magicians. I bought magic props without knowing what to do with them magic routine wise. So I'll crowd source it to you all! I'll even throw in some a couple of product reviews to boot. 3) Possibly the last Season 1 Fool Us is going up at the end of the week as well.

If there is anything you desire more of from this patreon, message me here or email me at matt@heyscoops.com

Thanks a ton,


16 Sep 2020
Abracababble 49: Carisa Hendrix Interview

When I asked you all who you wanted me to interview on this podcast, the most suggested magician was Carisa Hendrix. Recent winner of "Stage Magician of the Year", we talk about her journey from side show and burlesque performer to stage magician. We talk about doing magic in a dress. She also is amazingly candid about her experience on Fool Us. One of my longer interviews and yet I still wanted to talk about so much more. Take a listen. Thanks again for being a part of this little community.

11 Sep 2020
FUBTS 1.8 Only Two Kinds of People Wear Sunglasses Indoors

Hey all, 

Thanks again for being a backer! See the breakdown of Season 1 performances below.  Also, exciting news, the next episode I'll be posting with be an interview with Carisa Hendrix aka Lucy Darling. Thanks again and enjoy!

Shawn Farquhar


Manuel Martinez


Chris Dugdale


Martin Daniels


P&T Helium


09 Sep 2020
FUBTS 7.9 Daniel K's KO (and FU Season 8 News)

Behind the scenes for performances by Daniel K, Yukihiro Katayama, Andrew Evans (& Naomi), David Stone, and Penn & Teller's Placebo.

An episode link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZwS84xlZac

07 Sep 2020
FUBTS 1.7 Back Up The Money Truck: Change = Change

Hey all,

Thank you all for backing this patreon endeavor. You help keep my children insured and a roof over their heads in this dire time for live entertainers. Plus, this is becoming a very cool and informative magic community. Below is a breakdown and links for who we took a look at in from Season 1 of Fool Us. For people outside the US, I welcome ways to help these shows and clips accessibility. In fact, I'd love if you have a method, post it in the comments below- especially Season 6 and 7 podcasts as Australia and Canada just got the first two season on Netflix. Given that this is already a private community, sharing here on these pages is probably ideal.

Thanks again and enjoy the podcast!

1.7 Line up:

Brynolf & Ljung


Colin McLeod


Keelan Leyser & Charlotte Marie


Etienne Pradier


P&T Polyesterhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBdF1nl_cVU -Non Fool Us version
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqRC-ZQBtTg- whole episode/shitty quality. 29 minutes in.

02 Sep 2020
FUBTS 7.8 Not Your Mamma's Quick Change

Mike Hammer, Lea Kyle, Dante, Takamiz Usui, with Penn & Teller's torn and restored $1

30 Aug 2020
FUBTS 1.6 Jacket Off Wossy

Here are the performers we revisit for this episode of Fool Us Behind The Scenes.

Daniel Kramer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HobCG76oiCg

Gazzo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uzd4vREhegQ

Alan Rorrison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlaOzXQMdec

Romany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwjNOTuskQg

Penn & Teller block head. 39:40 into this clip


We know that the hodgepodge way of reviewing season 1, that we missed a few contestants jumping between the UK and American versions of this season . We will record a 10th episode of this season to address them.

25 Aug 2020
FUBTS 7.7 It's a F^%king Arm Chopper

Hey you fine folks,

Here is Season 7 Episode 7 of Fool Us with performances by Sora, Jaana Felicitas,  Mario Lopez, Clinton W Gray, Penn performs Stupid.


22 Aug 2020

Fool Us Season 1 revisted, episode 5. In this episode we review:

Cubic Act https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wChGuG_n1aY
Nick Einhorn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwCNTxS_RWo
Michael Vincent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT7E2wp-bM8
Morgan and West https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLILA3E4eJo
Penn & Teller: Penn Nail Gun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jko5BGhc-Ys

Due to the youtube crackdown on full episodes, I am attaching individual links. This will also help us collect people we've missed along the way and combining those into an additional episode.

Thanks a ton for being a patreon backer- enjoy!

19 Aug 2020
FUBTS 1.4: Piff's Big Break

Season 1 Episode 4. Again, YouTube is being squirrelly with these early episodes. The clip we watched cannot be found at the moment. We watched a clip with Piff, Damian O'Brien, David Masters and Soma. P&T's Silverfish. This clip has those performances if you need to watch for reference:


11 Aug 2020
FUBTS 7.6 "If I Lose My Concentration, I Lose My Life..."

Behind this scenes of Season 7 episode 6
Hans Klok, Michael Barada, Hedne and Abracababble listener- Vincenzo Ravina

P&T: Multiple Outs with Rich Sommer!

07 Aug 2020
Abracababble 48: Fool Us Judge, Mike Close

With Fool Us Season 8 submission deadline approaching, why not hear from the final word of Fool Us, himself. Here is one fantastic magician, consultant, teacher, comedian and the giver of Fool Us Trophies- Michael Close.

We get into all things Fool Us as well as his time working with Johnny Thompson on both Fool Us and on Penn & Teller's Vegas show.  I hope it's the first of many.

30 Jul 2020
FUBTS 7.5 One Seedy P&T Trick

Reddi and Matt go without RJ who is recovering from his recent operation. They review performances by Guy Bavli, Javier Botia, BS Reddy, Chad Allen and P&T perform Watermelon Surgery.

show link can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=af3zxwC_E_s

Get well soon, RJ!

25 Jul 2020

Fool Us Season 1 episode "3" revisited. So trying to find the proper episode was difficult with the confusion between UK and USA versions. So here is the episode link I found with the performers listed-


Hijinx, Jon Allen, Graham Jolley, James More, P&T trick: Needles

This episode is listed as both Episode 1 and Episode 3 on youtube. Next episode is Piff the Magic Dragon episode which has been listed as Episode 3 or Episode 4. So we will go ahead and call it episode 4 and tackle that one next.

The current season 7 episode 5 will be recorded next. Thanks all for backing this patreon!

22 Jul 2020
FUBTS 7.4 Cockadoodle FOOL!

Reddi, RJ, and Matt go behind the scenes with performances by Miranda Allen, Inaki Zabelletta, Keith Kong, and Guilherme Silvera. Teller "Talks".

17 Jul 2020
FUBTS 7.3 Penn & Teller Pleaser Episode

Reddi, RJ and Matt go behind the scenes and review Season 7 Episode 3 of Fool Us. Caleb Wiles, D.K., Wes Iseli, Alana, and Penn & Teller with The Passing Zone.

10 Jul 2020
FUBTS 1.2 Revisting season 1, trying to go in order.

In this episode, we review performances of Mark Shortland, Mathieu Bich, Young and Strange, Daniel Madison.

Also, we recorded this before the latest Fool Us episode. So we don't address here but will address LeClerc's explainer video and Copperfield's history with Ali Cook's trick.

08 Jul 2020

Season 7 Episode 2 of Fool Us. Reddi, RJ and Matt talk about the performances of

Eric LeClerc, Dev Sherman, Conan Liu, Ruben Vilagrand 

and we have Penn Vs. Teller.

03 Jul 2020
FUBTS 1.0 Season 1 CW Pilot revisited!

Okay, so this can get confusing. Fool Us aired in England before it aired in America. So the episode break down is different depending on how you search. You want to find the performances for: Ali Cook, Michael Vincent, John Archer, and Benjamin Earl with Penn & Teller perform "Sawing a Woman into Halves".

We will be very clear as to which performers are on each episode we review from Season 1 as it may be easier to find the individual performances online than to get the right episode lined up. 

01 Jul 2020
FUBTS 7.1 Fool Us' new season is here!

Fool Us Season 7 kicked off Monday night and here with our behind the scenes and performance break down are Matt, Reddi and RJ.

This show featured 4 magicians all seeking their 3rd Fool Us Trophy. Shawn Farquhar, Helen Coughlan, Ondrej Psenicka, and Paul Gertner. Plus Teller performs and messes with Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister.

25 Jun 2020
FUBTS 2.13 Season 2 Finale!

New Fool Us Season premiers tonight on CW. With that, we wrap up season 2 and shift gears to season 7. We will sprinkle in a few Season 1 revisits as well. 


Derek Hughes

Reuben Moreland


Jared Kopf

Penn & Teller's One Minute Egg!

22 Jun 2020
FUBTS 2.12

Season 2 episode 12 with Victor & Diamond, Francis Menotti, Nash Fung, Chad Jurros with Penn & Teller performing Ring.

16 Jun 2020
FUBTS 2.11

Matt, RJ, and Reddi take a look at Marcus Eddie, Rick Lax, Bruce Gold, Joel Meyers & Spidey

10 Jun 2020
FUBTS 2.10

Fool Us Line up: Scott Alexander, Eric Jones, Mark Calabrese, and Paul Vigil. Teller performs Shadows.

RJ addresses twitter issues at the top!

Thank you patrons!

Executive Producers: Jonathan, Russ Matkin, Ben Sherman, Larry and David Donnelly, 

05 Jun 2020
Abracababble 47: Gwen's Transparent Story

Hey it's Matt. For a guy who regularly appears on 4 different podcasts every week, I'm as surprised as anyone when sometimes I want to interview someone or even get a specific story on air and I don't quite know where to do it.  This podcast has a story that needs to be heard.

My mother in law, Gwen Hillier, is an incredible woman with a remarkable career (not to mention a pretty awesome daughter). From working with Bob Fosse as his dance captain for Pippin, her numerous Broadway shows, casting at General Hospital for 26 years, to now working as actor again, she has some stories. Now, this one story, where she was cast in the Transparent Season 5 finale, I saw beautifully open minded artist, get challenged to be even more open minded.

Jeffrey Tambor, after winning numerous awards for a show that put the story of someone in the trans community on world wide mainstream platform, devastated the cast, crew and fans of the show when his behavior lead to his dismissal from the show. That story made headlines, but the story of how the show carried on without him did not. Gwen was cast as a dancer for the Season 5 finale and that is the story I thought needed to be told.

Note: This audio post is public right here on this page. So feel free to share a link to it for anyone who might take interest.

29 May 2020

RJ, Matt and Reddi return to review episode 9 of Season 2 of Penn & Teller Fool Us. This episode was recorded before twitter reacted to RJ's takes on episode 8. So stay tuned for the next episode for RJ's reaction to those tweets :-)

26 May 2020

Fool Us Season 2 episode 8 behind the scenes with Matt, RJ and Reddi. 

20 May 2020
Abracababble 46: Nate Staniforth Interview

For folks on here who like deep talks about performance- oh boy, I think you are going to dig this! This took two mutual friends to set up (thank you Brent and Steve). I am just a fan who read both his books and got his online course. I was just thrilled to have an hour of his time. We nerd out and don't hold back.

If you dig his interview and want his course, Nate was kind enough to set up a discount code of  "Abracababble" on his site https://makingtricksintomagic.com/ 

I highly recommend his course. I am thrilled to present this interview.

15 May 2020

Fool Us Behind The Scenes: Season 2, Episode 7.

13 May 2020
Abracababble 45: TV Magic Consultant, Brent Braun

Brent Braun popped up as an Abracababble listener and next think you know I became a member of his secret facebook magic group. Needless to say-  I was suspicious! Brent is credited with having consulted with over 40 magic acts on Fool Us, but NDA prevent him from saying which ones. I remembered him as a contestant. I know he owns and operated his own magic theater and magic shop in Kentucky. I was curious about all these things! So I rang him up and interviewed him. Enjoy a conversation with someone who has a unique position in the world of magic.

09 May 2020
FUBTS 2.6 w/ Brian Brushwood!

Brian Brushwood sticks it to us and then sticks around for one of our nest Behind the Scenes epsiodes yet!

06 May 2020
FUBTS 2.5 and Thank You Patrons!

Squeezing in one more episode before the month is up!

Fool Us season 2 episode 5 behind the scenes with Reddi, RJ and Matt. Enjoy this episode and get ready for the next one with a special guest who's rebutting our critique of his performance, Brain Brushwood for episode 2.6

May is already shaping up with 2 interviews on the books that I can't believe I get to do. I appreciate the support I am getting in this pandemic so much. I do not take it lightly. Without live Mond Noodler Shows, I want Abracababble and Fool Us content to kick as much ass as possible. Thanks for being on board and thanks for being there for my family.

Abracababble's Executive Producers are: Jonathan Kaplan, Russ Matkin, Ben Sherman, Larry and Barry Spath

01 May 2020

Behind The Scenes of Season 2 Episode 4 of Fool Us.

28 Apr 2020
Abracababble 44: Interview with Jim Millan

Jim Millan directed the first Illusionists tour and numerous Kids In The Hall live tours. He worked on Teller and Todd Robbins' Play Dead, as well as hundreds of kick ass live shows. I wanted to take a course from him on building a show that he was offering in quarantine, but it conflicted with my ICS recording schedule. I then asked if he'd talk me casually about putting shows together and he generously said yes. I thought I'd be an idiot if I didn't record it. So enjoy this interview with the very accomplished Jim Millan.

24 Apr 2020

Here is Fool Us "Behind The Scenes" or Fool Us revisited Episode 3 of Season 2 with Matt, RJ and Reddi.

18 Apr 2020
Abracababble 43: Watching Lucy Darling

When my wife and I saw Carissa Hendrix's Lucy Darling show is a shorter format at the Magic Castle, the first thing we said was we wanted to see more. Of all the Covid19 programming released, I was most excited about was Carissa releasing her full 1 hour show from the Chicago Magic Lounge. For youtube and it being a live show, it is surprisingly well edited and feels like a legit comedy special. Watch it here:


My wife, Sarah and I watched, began chatting, stopped and got out the recording gear. We thought it would make for a good Abracababble episode. We hope you agree. Enjoy!

Executive Producers: Jonathan Kaplan, Russ Matkin, Ben Sherman, Larry

17 Apr 2020
FUBTS Season 2 Episode 2

Alright, here if Fool Us revisited Season 2 Episode 2. Search "Full Episode Fool Us Season 2" on youtube to find them. Reddi does brief recaps and we (Matt, RJ and Reddi) break down each performance and some other TV elements of the show. The plan is to finish this season and keep pushing thru seasons 3 thru 5. We already did 6. By that time, season 7 will air and we will do that right when it happens. THEN, we can even do season 1 even though I had absolutely nothing to do with that. Okay - ENJOY. 

And feel free to comment or question us below. 

Executive Producers: Jonathan Kaplan, Russ Matkin, Ben Sherman, and Larry.

12 Apr 2020
Abracababble 43: Quarantine Check In

RJ, Matt, and Reddi check in from their homes. RJ's operation? Matt's reading Morgan and West. We answer listener mail. And we talk card forcing!

Executive Producers: Jonathan, Russ Matkin, Ben Sherman and Larry.

Reddi notes: Show notes;  RJ mentions "CDs", which were an  early physical storage medium for digital audio.  Kenton  Knepper's Wonder Words lessons are available as digital  downloads from WonderWizards.com."

07 Apr 2020
Fool Us BTS: Season 2 Episode 1 (And Patreon Thank You's)

PREMIERE! Fool Us Behind The Scenes: Season 2 Epsiode 1.

So, with Covid 19 making future Mind Noodler shows scarce, I have decided to go back to the beginning of my entire Fool Us career. All Fool Us episodes are available to watch on Youtube. I highly suggest you watch them before listening. RJ, Reddi and I will break down every episode from Season 2 episode 1 to present day... or until there is a vaccine and I can start performing again!

While, we will still do proper Abracababble in the months ahead, we are excited to go back and cover all of Fool Us to provide awesome and exclusive content. If you have questions for us or first fooling stories, that will help Abracababble episodes. Email stuff for on-air to matt@heyscoops.com.

Thank you to all you who have stayed with this project on patreon during these crazy times. And for those of you who have increased their patreon, I am beyond grateful. All of you are literally feeding my family. 

Thank you so much, 


01 Apr 2020
Abracababble 42: Our 1st 1st Fooler Story

Sarah Lowe returns! We discuss 2 Card Monte, Mind Noodler Fool Us Re Airs, and we have our first first fooler story. Please send more to Matt@heyscoops.com. We also thank our magician level patrons. Thank you for being a patron at any level. It means a lot to us and our family.

21 Mar 2020
Abracababble 41: Fool Us Season 7 Wrap Takeaways

Fool Us wrapped 2 days ago, and my super talented/funny wife joined me to talk about working on my 6th season of Magic's greatest tv show (in my opinion)! Thank you all for backing this project. It obviously means more now than ever to have your support. Wishing you all the best in these strange times.

15 Mar 2020
Abracababble 40: My Son's Ball Pit Troll Experience.

Thank you Patrons! Beejay Joyer, magician from MJ1 stops by. We talk about our rehearsal with Teller, my son's roll in a Penn & Teller trick, and my latest job transition. We are also heading into Fool Us which means, more great material for another round of Fool Us behind the scenes. Enjoy!

02 Mar 2020
Abracababble 39: Piff's Fish Goes Swimmingly

RJ, Reddi and Matt breaks down the Folsom shows, explore the new Spirit Bell/Spirit Spittoon ideas and update Reddi's quest for the perfect matchbox routine.

15 Feb 2020
Abracababble 38: Mystical Magic Booker, Steven Branham

Matt is in Folsom California performing 8 shows. He sat down with the very accomplished magician, Steven Branham to talk about how he ended up booking talent at Mystique Dining and maybe how Matt can handle doing the Spirit Bell.

09 Feb 2020
Abracababble 37: Another Important Chat w/ Penn.

After the last Penn & Friends, Matt spent the day with Penn among magicians at a convention and it lead to another big life changing chat. RJ, Reddi and Matt break down the takeaways. We also thank all the January Patrons who get on-air thank you rewards! (Reddi Notes:  Send name & umlaut pronunciation corrections to questionpenn@gmail.com & we'll address them on a future episode.") 

More News: 

1) We broke the Street Cred tier! Which means I owe you a youtube clip of magic. Instead of trying street magic, I have an idea for Instagram style trick. I don't want to tell you any details yet, but I think I have a funny ending for a standard internet trick.

2) I added another card trick tutorial for folks at the $25 tier or higher

3) All my Penn & Friends shows are in the video vault now for folks at the $10 Tier or higher.

4) I am working on 3 new stage tricks and my first silly running bit. None of this would be possible without your support.

When I started this podcast, I had no idea how much my life would change while doing this. I am so happy to have the patrons here to share this adventure. 

Thank you so much,


02 Feb 2020
Abracababble 36: Spirit Bell Pop Quiz

Matt has a prop but no trick.

Rich said:
"Show notes:  We believe the "Wrap your coins in bills" pitch line came from Frank Olivier."

24 Jan 2020
Abracababble 35: Reddi sees Darren Brown on Broadway

Matt got sent an old Criss Angel clip he thought was new. Reddi goes to see Derren Brown. RJ talks about being a plant.

16 Jan 2020
Abracababble 34: Penn & Friends

It's crazy that years after being dared by Penn to learn magic, I'd be a guest performer on his stage. RJ, Reddi and I talk candidly about that crazy experience. We also answer a listener mail from a guy who bought a magic trick from RJ many years ago.

Video vault members can enjoy three of my sets from touring with Piff. Dekalb, Annapolis, and St. Paul.

08 Jan 2020
Abracababble 33: A Fish, A Phone Call, A New Trick

Thank you all for backing this project in 2019. This episode has a lot of raw stuff in it that Reddi would normally edit. He didn't have it in his schedule to get this done in time for the end of December. So You'll note that I have to stop recording because I forgot about my kid's doctor appointment. This matters because at that doctor's appointment, I get the call from Penn to do Penn & Friends. We record again the next day and discuss set list options and get back to other trick discussions. Also, I thank the on air patron levels for December. Enjoy all this warts and all.

01 Jan 2020
Abracababble 32: New Magic Ethics Conundrum

Hi patrons! So this episode was recorded weeks ago, before I got asked to perform in Penn & Friends. Reddi went on vacation and so this got backed up. There is also a part 2 of this episode where RJ and I go in depth about a new trick and I get the call to do the show in the middle of recording that episode. That episode will also be up shortly. Then, I will detail the Penn & Friends experience. This will be exclusive to this podcast since my other podcast showed so little interest in discussing it on air! hahaha. Enjoy this great chat about performance and magic.

27 Dec 2019
FUBTS Merry Fool Us

Lots of good nuggets behind a very strong episode of Fool Us.

14 Dec 2019
Abracababble 31: The Dekalb Show

Matt has a break thru on tour and has his best show yet opening for Piff. Plus, we answer some listener mail.

27 Nov 2019
Abracababble 30: Theatres Vs. Clubs

RJ and Matt get into doing comedy at magic for Theatres Vs. Clubs. Warning: RJ tells two stories where he yells.

19 Nov 2019
Breakdown/Defrag of Keene and Plymouth Piff Shows.

I talk to Reddi about my first two shows on tour opening for Piff.

Reddi notes: Harry's Anderson: Wiseguy is a Mike Caveney book. Zappo's Theater in Planet Hollywood seats 4,600 in concert  configuration.  We have a short brainstorm about the fulcrum of a joke in this episode. I  left it in for the people subscribing to this feed for insight into  writing & performing.  I also edited it severely for time for the  benefit of those who aren't looking for that insight.  Those of you in  the former group will want to know that conversation was much slower  & deliberate.

11 Nov 2019
Abracababble 29: T Shirt Cannon Summit and Product Review

This episode ends with our proper on air thanks to the October patrons! There will be more proper Abracababble episodes now that Fool Us Behind The Scenes is wrapped up. Although, this episode has one more Fool Us tid bit and it's a doozy. Plus, finally a break through revisiting T shirt Cannon trick after a great rehearsal session with Vinny Grosso and RJ. Plus, this episode has our first ever product review with Reddi Rich. Forgive the lack of editing on this one as I wanted to get the episode up as soon as I could.

With FUBTS behind us (or is it!?!), it's just in time as I hit the road opening for Piff for 9 shows this month. This will be my first time playing to all ages audiences in  theaters and not comedy club audiences. So it should bring out new performance elements. 

01 Nov 2019
FUBTS 6.13

The final episode of Fool Us and the final episode of this season's Behind The Scenes of Penn & Teller Fool Us Season 6. The show is renewed and so we plan on knocking it out next season as well. Thanks for an amazing season. 

24 Oct 2019
FUBTS 6.12

RJ, Matt and Reddi breakdown the "Penn Ultimate" episode of Season 6 of Penn & Teller Fool Us

10 Oct 2019
Abracababble 28: Vegas Show Highs and Lows

RJ, Penn, Moxie and Mind Noodler all performed in a Vegas Show. RJ, Matt and Reddi huddle up and discuss. We also answer a listener email. (We'd love some more emails. Send along any magic questions or mind noodler questions to matt@heyscoops.com and please put "4ABC" or "Abracababble" in the subject line. 

Thanks so much. The Vegas Show room rental and recording was paid for by this patreon page. We continue to put your funds to work to make this a career endeavor. Thanks again.

02 Oct 2019
FUBTS 6.11 The Mind Noodler

In this episode, we do our best to honor the format of the behind the scenes of Season 6 of Fool Us, we also save The Mind Noodler performance for last. While it's touched on in other podcasts, we do our best to really take the whole experience as a contestant from top to bottom here in this more private format.

Notes from the editor, Reddi Rich: (Spoiler Alert!) We're aware RJ is not able to determine whether an egg is hard-boiled  just by looking at it.  He does not share that insight.  Does us a  favor: resist the temptation to correct him on that; Egg Roulette will  catch up with him at some public ICS event eventually.  I can tell  you're still thinking about it.  Just stop.  Don't be that guy. 

15 Sep 2019
FUBTS 6.10

Behind the Scenes of Fool Us Season 6 Episode 10

13 Sep 2019

Behind the scenes of Fool Us season 6, episode 9.

13 Sep 2019

Thank you to all the backers of this patreon page. We really appreciate it. Here is episode 8 of season 6 of Penn & Teller Fool Us with Matt, RJ, Paul, and Reddi.

02 Sep 2019

Behind the scenes of Season 6 Episode 7 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us with Matt, RJ, Paul and Reddi.
Rich said: "Show Notes:  Lennart Green is Swedish, not Norwegian."

31 Aug 2019

Fool Us Season 6 Episode 6 Behind the scenes episode breakdown with RJ, Paul, and Matt

19 Aug 2019

Fool Us Season 6 Episode 5 Behind the scenes episode breakdown with RJ, Paul, and Matt

19 Aug 2019
FUBTS 6.4 w/ Brian Brushwood

Brain Brushwood stuck around to record Behind The Scenes of Fool Us Season 6 Episode 4.

16 Aug 2019
FUBTS 6.3 with Brian Brushwood!

RJ, Paul, Matt, Reddi and special guest Brain Brushwood go over all the magic in season 6 episode 3 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

15 Aug 2019
A Rare & Candid Chat w/ Piff The Magic Dragon

Right after our trip to Newfoundland, I sat down with Piff to talk about how much he was helping me with my new Magic Square routine. I realized quickly that he was in an unusually laid back mood and he was speaking in a way I hadn't heard yet on any podcast. I'm thrilled to share what I think is a rare gem with the listeners here. 

10 Aug 2019
Abracababble 27: LA Show recap w/ Sarah Lowe.

Matt, RJ, and special guest Sarah Lowe break down the LA Show.

09 Aug 2019
Abracababble 26: Matt Is A Conduit

Matt gets and idea. RJ tells him how to do it. Piff challenged Matt which is actually RJ. RJ comes up with superior idea. And the beat goes on...

31 Jul 2019
Abracababble 25: Fool Us Air Date

We answer a listener mail about Criss Angel and Matt announces his air date for Fool Us. (Spoiler alert: It's 9/9)

24 Jul 2019
Abracababble 24: Tricks For Cops

We get a fascinating email. Reddi sees Mac King. RJ hosts Lee Popsicle.

17 Jul 2019
P&T Fool Us Behind The Scenes 0602

Javi Benitez, Helen Coughlin, Rebecca Herrera, and Danny Cole return to try to fool again. 

10 Jul 2019
Abracababble 23: Copperfield Vs Tamarez

Road rig recording at Matt's House with only two working mics... Reddi did a masterful job on this edit. Enjoy. Also we spend a great deal of time talking about a Tesla story that turned out to be a myth. But the truth of the myth's origins is fascinating. Check Reddi's notes:
"Notes:  Reddi spews apocryphal jive throughout this episode:  http://edison.rutgers.edu/topsy.htm"

04 Jul 2019
Abracababble 22: RJ Gets Real Real Quick

Welcome back RJ from... a funeral. He lays out conditions for his return to magic and more.

01 Jul 2019
P&T FUBTS 0601 Copperfield

Fool Us Behind The Scenes Season 6 Episode 1 us here! Matt, RJ, Paul, and Jacob break down all thing Fool Us. Penn & Teller Vs. David Copperfield and performances by Jan Reinder, Andrej Psnieka, and Giancarlo Bernini.

26 Jun 2019
Vinny Grosso: Turning Tricks for Money

The very funny and affable Vinny Grosso sits down with Reddi and Matt. Vinny is about to have two different tricks hit the market and we talk about what it means to sell a magic trick.

19 Jun 2019
Abracababble 21: Don't Quit, Jeff!

We take on a listener email where they felt the need to quit magic after hearing our Netflix and Kill series. We are assholes!

11 Jun 2019
Netflix and Kill 8: It's Over!

We promised to finish this series and we did it. DMC doesn't die but he is dead to us after this final episode of Netflix's Death by Magic. Watch the final episode with us and then chime in below with ideas for what we should watch next! Comment below! We will and then post a poll here on the Mind Noodler Patreon.

29 May 2019
Netflix and Kill 7: Penultimate Episode.

Watch episode 7 of Death By Magic on Netflix along with RJ and Matt as DMC fails to deliver on his show's premise. He perform the most frustrating TV magic ever recorded while we make fun of it. The good news is we will move onto another show and you will vote on it!

29 May 2019
Abracababble 20: Rehearsal Interrupted.

Matt and RJ stop mid rehearsal and then the cops came. Plus, Reddi Rich checks out an Amazing Jonathan documentary.

Rich said:
"Show notes:  A gross misdemeanor is not necessarily related to sex crimes; it's just an intermediary between misdemeanors & felonies.  The title of the film mentioned is "The Untitled Amazing Johnathan Documentary" by Benjamin Berman.   "

19 May 2019
Netflix and Kill 6 (plus Abracababble)

RJ and Matt soldier thru episode 6 of Death By Magic on Netflix and then stick around for some good podcast chatter. Enjoy!

11 May 2019
Abracababble 19: Who Told You To Read What Book

In this episode, we talk about Penn & Teller fans versus magic fans and get into new tricks for the new Mind Noodler show.

Rich said:
"Derek DelGaudio's partner show was Nothing To Hide. RJ's other cups & balls favorite is Bill Malone.  "

01 May 2019
Netflix and Kill 5

RJ and Matt pick up where they left off with the morally challenged marvel, DMC. Watch along with us as we take on episode 5 of Death by Magic on Netflix.

28 Apr 2019
The Pittsburgh Show.

I called up Justin Zell, former magician and current owner/operator of Steel City Improv Theater. We met performing improv at the PIT in NYC. We discuss my most recent Mind Noodler performance at Churn Out Pittsburgh. He brings up some great points. I enjoyed the conversation and I hope you do too.

14 Apr 2019
Abracababble 18: That's Not My Bag

Hey all, 

 RJ gets robbed artistically at a convention. We are gearing up for our next show and it involves Matt's wife. Plus, we end with a very important question for you the listeners of this podcast that we need your feedback on.

Rich said:
"Show notes:  I have more to say about why I've never liked the sack. Gershman's is not an actual magic deli.  -reddi "

09 Apr 2019
Car Cast- Boca Shows!

Hey all, just a quick podcast to recap my last three shows in South Florida. It's just me in my car on this one. We have an upcoming kick ass Abracababble for you later this week.

31 Mar 2019
Abracababble 17: Goodbye, Johnny Thompson.

This podcast covers a ton of confidential information. I'll leave it up as long as there isn't any blow back, but this could be taken down for a variety of reasons. I'm quite candid about my last moments with Johnny Thompson and I'm open about things that have to do with the upcoming season of [A popular magic TV show]. This podcast goes out exclusively to people who are supporting my career as The Mind Noodler. This is exactly the kind of thing I want to sharing with people who believe in and are invested in this endeavor. I hope dig it.

16 Mar 2019
Fool Us Week 1

Hey all, 

With RJ locked down with One Drop, and me being locked down at the Rio. I think I'd just hop on solo and give a recap my last week working on Fool Us. It's been a crazy one for me. I am so thankful to the backers of the patreon, podcast, career choice. I am happy to fill you in on some stuff that is not public and shouldn't be public for while. Let me know what you think. I'll likely do the solo format filling you in next week as week. I certainly leave this one off as a cliff hanger!

Thanks so much for you support, interest, investment in The Mind Noodler and Abracababble,


04 Mar 2019
Abracababble 16: Magic's Past Mistakes and Bright Future

With Brian Brushwood on the phone, RJ out sick- we discuss the past mistakes and approaches of magic and the it's victims. We also talk about the bright bright futue of magic. The parallels of comedy and DJing also apply here.

22 Feb 2019
Netflix and Kill 4

This one is a doozy. We tried to leave this episode on a high note but fail as the show bummed us out. We still think there are funny gems in here. 

17 Feb 2019
Abracababble 15: Oh Look, A Cat

Hey Patrons,

Thanks a ton for being a backer of this project. In this episode, RJ opens up about Cirque life a little bit and Reddi and RJ almost reluctantly try to help Matt out with a needed trick for TV.


13 Feb 2019
Abracababble 14: Slut Shaming Illusionists

Reddi, RJ, and Matt tackle what goes into and how one becomes an illusionist.

07 Feb 2019
Netflix and Kill 3

DMC turns fans of Stevie Wonder into murders.

07 Feb 2019
Abracababble 13: Tasty Magic

RJ acknowedges a loss in the magic community. Paul gets better at magic. RJ wants a new type of prediction in the Mind Noodler show.

01 Feb 2019
Netflix and Kill 2

This time we see melanin challenged DMC on the streets of Miami. Watch along with us as we watch Episode 2 of Death By Magic on Netflix.

28 Jan 2019
Abracababble 12: Playing With Fire

Hi all, 

RJ is literally playing with fire this week. Matt is taken to task for his palming.


25 Jan 2019
Netflix and Kill 1

Turn on Netflix and watch Death and Magic with us. RJ and I combine Abracababble with Mystery Science Theater 3000 and bust this tv shows balls. Sit down and watch with us.

18 Jan 2019
Abracababble 11: Morality and Mortality

This episode hits the morals of magic. We also announce the side podcast that will appear on this feed. Netflix and Kill where we watch "Death By Magic" on Netflix and you can watch along with us. First episode will post tomorrow. 

On a personal note I was very happy with this episode. It might be our best yet. Might be...

Corrections for after the show:  "Misled is by Timothy Wenk.  Joe Burrus is the escape  artist who died in the glass coffin.  Hon-dashi is dried tuna flake;  dashima is a type of seafood.  Both are used in preparing sushi &  soups. Neither is kombu, the broth that inspired the search for MSG,  although that is called dasima in Korean.   -reddi "

16 Jan 2019
Abracababble 10: What's In Your Wallet?

Hey all,

Happy new year and thank you all so very much for supporting this magic endeavor. With your support, we endeavor to make 2019 an awesome year in the the quest to make this a professional full time magic show. Because of you, we are on course to put a brand new hour of material together for a new show this spring. With 2 major media opportunities on the horizon, the new stuff should be in place to kick ass in as new opportunities present themselves.

For real, I would not be able to take a shot at this were it not for supporters of this patreon page. It means a lot to me and my family.

As you can see from this post, we finally have new artwork and we have just ordered some new magnets to go along with the old hill bill stuff. So anyone owed merchandise will be mailed their owed items within the next two weeks. Rehearsal links will be up this month as well.

As for this episode, enjoy as we tackle performing magic in the wild and up close to small amounts of people. From the corrections department (Reddi Rich), here are a few corrections:

"Tom Mullica died February 2016, not last year.  Al Leech gets primary  credit for Jim Ryan & Frank Everhart's Red Hot Mama/Chicago Opener".

Thanks again,


09 Jan 2019
A Chat with Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young

Accomplished magician, seller of tricks, and educator of methods, Brian Brushwood talks about the ethics behind selling "Scam Stuff". Plus, former editor if iTricks.com, Justin Robert Young talks about the challenges of performing modern magic. Both address the transformation from Hill Bill to Matt Donnelly: Mind Noodler.

Reddi Rich was away this week and RJ was on holiday work schedule at Cirque. I grabbed this interview in the churn after an Ice Cream Social recording. So thank you Jacob the Audio Guy for recording this. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Executive Produced by Jon Saunders, Jonathan Kaplan, Graeme Whitaker, Kevin MacLeod

01 Jan 2019
Abracababble 9: Bigger

The boys have 2 magic adventures, one for magic rigs and another helping Piff out on a new trick. Plus, RJ and Matt come to the same conclusion on next steps.

19 Dec 2018
Abracababble 8: The Failure Mandate

Reddi went ahead and sent notes correcting a lot of the things we got wrong after we recorded this. So the rest of this note is to be read after the podcast.

Show notes: The math term we couldn't recall is "factorial".  The Birthday Problem  is a problem, not a paradox.  23 people = 50% odds.  70 people = ~100%  odds.  Pink Lady was from Japan.  Pink Lady & Jeff aired 6 episodes.   The recommended video segment is "A Correctly Structured Drama" from  BBC's ""Hustlers, Hoaksters, Pranksters, Jokesters and Ricky Jay".  -reddi"

11 Dec 2018
Abracababble 7: Out Mastered. Outclassed.

Fresh from an amazing session with Penn & Teller, plus Johnny Thompson, Matt almost drops dead. Plus, he was a prick heading into the lesson. Talk of new show possibilities?

24 Nov 2018
Abracababble 6: To Hill or Not To Bill

This one is a doozy! 

Now that Penn talked about it on PSS, "the opportunity" we discuss in this episode, is that Penn & Teller are filming a "Master Class" and we will be one of the acts they work with to teach magic. This gave us a deadline to speed up a decision we were mulling over about whether to be Hill Bill: Mind Noodler or Matt Donnelly: Mind Noodler.

12 Nov 2018
Abracababble 5: Two Professionals On Stage

This week, Matt and RJ both perform for unique audiences.

30 Oct 2018
Eric Dittelman on Fool Us and AGT.
Eric stopped by to help me rehearse and we grabbed time on my laptop and went over Eric performing mentalism on TV shows like Fool Us, AGT, and Ellen. Enjoy
27 Oct 2018
Abracababble 4: The Fake Mistake

Matt performs at Scoopfest. We answer a letter about "mistakes" in magic.

23 Oct 2018
Abracababble 3: Are You Reddi?

Alright audio engineer and magic nerd, reveal yourself...

16 Oct 2018
Abracababble 2: By Land and Not By Sea

Matt shares growing pains conversations about Hill Bill.

09 Oct 2018
Abracababble 1: For My Next Trick

Thrilled to have Reddi Rich join the crew as audio engineer and add another knowledgeable magic nerd in the process. It's takes a few minutes to get used to the new digs, then we get deep, and then we get detailed about a new trick. With the addition of Reddi and the authentic, maybe even a little tense magic debate- We officially have our first episode! This is where Abracababble can grow. 

And maybe it's not questions, but topics you want us to tackle in future episodes. Since we have some very accomplished people in the magic community as subscribers, who might want us to tackle a topic and not "ask us" anything. Anyhow- email matt@heyscoops or get at @abracababble on twitter.

Let us know what you think... Unless it's too critical or petty; that will just tear us apart.

02 Oct 2018
Abracababble Episode 0.5
Our 2nd experiment of an episode. Plans to record a more professional sounding podcast are in the works! So here is a second episode that I believe magic listeners will really enjoy. Note 1) any questions you have for us about magic, comedy, performances, our performance history, a link to another magic performance, anything -please write to Matt@heyscoops.com 2) the voting is already up for the October trick and we break it down a little on this episode as well. Make sure to vote before October 1st.
26 Sep 2018
Abracababble Zero

Hello All,

RJ and I just wing it as we record our first episode. It's recorded in my living room on garage band. We will be looking to improve our recording equipment as we go. None the less, enjoy our talk on how RJ came to direct Hill Bill and our time working with Teller. Any questions or topics you'd like discussed on air, matt@heyscoops.com. Unlike Ice Cream Social, we will read emails ahead and that will allow us to do some research if needed on magic questions or opinions. Thanks again for backing this project.

Executive Producers: Graeme Whittaker, Jonathan Kaplan and Warren Kirschbaum

18 Sep 2018